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Bitclouder took birth some months ago – to be more precise, on the 10th of January 2015 – when we began offering mining power for the scrypt algorithm to friends and close acquaintances. We began by using video cards and had great success in February. Due to this success, we have also acquired Bitcoin mining equipment.


The Bitcoin mining machines from our datacenter is based on Antminer precisely because we desire to offer our clients a stable, efficient and energy-economical environment.

Having over 82 KW/h rented to acquaintances, we have decided to make this service available to the world, after we have launched the best price for power 0.09$/KW/H, the most price/power in EU.


Bitclouder is growing day by day, being composed by a team of network administrators and crypto-literate people (the cryptocurrency world is well-known to us).

We offer full-time telephonic as well as e-mail support.

Contact : admin@bitclouder.co

Phone: +40755581546 /whatsapp/telegram/viber/

Skype : adrian.tuto

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